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Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of MEM Classic

MEM Classic

MEM was originally founded in Birmingham in 1908 by Walter Leonard Barber, constructing equipment such as polished black slate Switchboards, fuses known as Kantark and Ironclad Switches. In the decades that followed they manufactured an impressive range of high-specification devices to meet the demands of a rapidly modernising industry. During the early 1920s MEM embraced mass production techniques such as those used by Henry Ford, accelerating their manufacturing abilities further.

Self Sufficient

During the war years, the factory, now located in Readings Lane, was producing large quantities electrical goods and armaments, including 10,000 Auto-Memota Starters for use in recaptured factories. MEM was one of the first companies to introduce cartridge fuses during the post war years and in 1955 they produced their first consumer unit. By the early 1960's MEM was largely self-sufficient, manufacturing switches, fuses, motor control gear, electric fires, and convectors and they had also established a manufacturing plant in Holyhead, Wales. During 1965 MEM introduced their first Miniature Circuit Breaker range, a line of products that they would become famous for.

MEM was acquired by Delta Metal Co. in 1971, who consolidated numerous electrical divisions under the MEM brand leading to the creation of many more innovative MCBs, RCBOs, wiring accessories and consumer units. During the 1980s Delta recognised that Circuit-Breakers would become a dominant circuit protection technology and invested heavily in the strategic development of these products. During 2003 the electrical division of Delta, including MEM, was acquired by the Eaton Corporation who continued with the company's tradition of providing world-leading products.

Keeping an Industry Classic

During 2021, Kempston Controls, a division of Midland Automation Ltd. became the proud custodians of the MEM brand and their extensive product range which has now been rebranded as 'MEM Classic'. Our mission is to proudly continue to innovate, manufacture and sell these exceptional products for many years to come, catering to the needs of an ever growing industrial and commercial marketplace who demand quality products at the best price.

Kempston Controls, as you can imagine, stocks a huge range of MEM Classic industrial electrical system products including:


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